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Large trampoline

  • Impressions


    Enjoy some general, spectacular impressions about trampolining.

  • Equipment and tools

    Equipment and tools

    An overview about the different trampoline types to figure out the right trampoline for you.

  • Assembly and dismantling

    Assembly and dismantling

    In this part you can see the assembly and dismantling of a competition and a school trampoline, furthermore the different transport units are described (roller stands, lifting roller stands, lifting roller stands "Safe & Comfort")

  • Safety


    In this part we treat relevant safety regulations and rules which have to be considered before you start your lessons on the trampoline. Furthermore you will learn how to get on and off the trampoline.

  • Familiarisation Exercises

    Familiarisation Exercises

    In this part you can see some exercises which familiarise your pupils with the suspension of the jumping bed and the trampoline in general. Those exercises are for example going backwards on the jumping bed, rodeo riding, "tree trunk rolls", etc.

  • Play options

    Play options

    Here you will learn a large variety of Play Options such as "suitcase packing", rope skipping, seat juggling, etc. Those exercises are a lot of fun and guarantee fast learning as well.

  • Straight jumps

    Straight jumps

    To prepare a single exercise you definitively need to know the straight jump as it is the most important jump in trampolining. This part explains how legs, body and arms must be coordinated during this important jump.

  • Basic jumps

    Basic jumps

    The basic jumps like straight jump, tuck jump, straddle jump, pike jump etc. will be demonstrated in this part. You will learn the right movements, the methodology and typical mistakes and their corrections.

  • Basic twist jumps

    Basic twist jumps

    Learn the different rotations around the body's longitudinal axis and the way how to teach it, how to move properly and what typical mistakes have to be avoided.

  • Seat drops

    Seat drops

    In this part you will learn how to teach seat drops which are among the most favourite exercises for beginners.

  • Backdrops


    In this part we will show you the correct teaching of backdrops as they form the basic for further techniques. You will learn how to drop back and how to jump to feet again, furthermore you will see a half twist to feet

  • Combinations


    In this part the known single jumps will be combined to a choreography, thus the first step to trampoline competitions is done.

  • Basic techniques to support the pupil

    Basic techniques to support the pupil

    In this part the different techniques to support the pupil are treated. In order to teach trampolining as safely and responsibly as possible, the 5 most important basic techniques to support the pupil are demonstrated.


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