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  • Approaching the trampoline

    Approaching the trampoline

    This part on the one hand is about the alternatives of reducing possible uncertainties and shyness caused by the new medium and gaining confidence in the handling of these swinging beds and on the other hand about winning a healthy respect for the physics

  • Adaption exercises

    Adaption exercises

    In this part the different ways of walking variations on the trampoline are demonstrated through different kinds of basic exercises.

  • Partner participation

    Partner participation

    Now you will learn different partner exercises which guarantee a lot of fun and playful learning on the trampoline.

  • Bobbing and jumping

    Bobbing and jumping

    Here we will demonstrate bobbing and jumping exercises such as rabbit hops, mogul slope, jockey, etc.

  • Jumping with accessories

    Jumping with accessories

    Learn how different accessories such as hot wires, hoops, balls, etc. allow many different kinds of exercises and make trampolining totally different than you expect it to be.

  • Games


    The game "Gordian knot" is a lot of fun and makes children to be really united.

  • Wheelchair


    Have you ever thought of using the wheelchair on the trampoline? It sounds strange but it is true. See here the different possibilities which the trampoline offers for wheelchair users.

  • Relaxation


    After many exercises on the trampoline it is important to relax. In this part you will learn several forms of relaxation on the trampoline.


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