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The ultimative education experience. Offline.

The Eurotramp Trampoline Education Program is an extensive teaching programme which is divided into the fields Trampoline, Minitrampoline and Psychomotricity. In contains 5 hours of video material which offers unequaled opportunities within the trampoline industry as far as quality and certain requirements are concerned. Especially important are safety criteria.

Together with the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) Eurotramp developed this education program to provides the possibility for pedagogues of gaining the technical qualifications for a safe and comfortable use of trampolines in schools and other educational institutions according to the curricula of the different ministries of education.

Packshot of the Trampoline Education DVD
English, German and Portuguese flag

The Trampoline Education DVD is available in English, German and Portugese.
Missing your language? Ask us!
We assist you to promote trampolining in your country and language!

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The Trampoline Education program is available on DVD (PAL).
You can purchase it online in our Eurotramp Merchandise Shop.

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On the Trampoline Education DVD we provide about 250 minutes of training program.
For quick navigation it‘s seperated in 3 categories with 33 chapters.


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